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We are the 4th generation of our family farming from the present base in the Howe of the Mearns.


The farm has evolved over the last 130 years from a traditional mixed farm of cereals and livestock to a 500 Ha intensive arable unit made up of Cereals Potatoes and Daffodils.


The main farm for the business is at Blackiemuir, Laurencekirk where drying storage and grading takes place.


In early spring we supply cut flowers to various supermarkets through Grampian Growers at Logie, Montrose who also handle the sale and packaging of dry daffodil bulbs destined for USA and Europe in July and early August.


Potatoes are mainly grown for seed production supplying markets in Egypt, Israel, North Africa and England from November to April.


The cereal enterprise consists of Winter Barley and Winter Wheat, for the feed markets, Spring Barley, for malting, and High Erucic Acid Oilseed Rape for use as a specialist industrial lubricant in the petroleum industry and as a slip agent for polythene.



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